Dean, School of Sciences and Mathematics, Mississippi College


Someone said that:

“Lost is a place, too”

I found this place,
when I was five
in the Sears and Roebuck store,
I wandered off
into the Christmas crush
and for twenty minutes
knew what it meant to be orphaned

I found it again,
at nineteen
in the north Georgia mountains,
black bears and rattlesnakes
live there, I discovered
and came to believe
that God did not.

some times though,
it finds us

like cancer at midlife

it found me bowed
before my  bowl of sacred fruit
with sterile seed
the ambrosial promise
that it will not

it nests in the sulcus of
skull bones
like rat claws against the wall
and picks me clean
as the glass eye
that never saw it coming

and now
in this present sky
it finds me reaching
across to the other side
to touch the mirror mind
framed with all that
I once knew


that I recognize

in this place called lost.

-Stan A. Baldwin-

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